Harish Tiwari, Mohit Keshwani & Keyur Moradia spark celebrations in Condominium Menara as they lead Mavecrics Menarians to an easy win over Yadavas Chairos Tigers

Harish Tiwari anchored the Mavecrics Menarians batting innings while Keyur Moradia provided some middle order impetus to take their team to a par score of 132 runs in their 20 overs. Agi Saptiazi & Repan Desnika were the star bowlers for Yadavas Chairos Tigers. Except for young Aditya Haryanto, none of the Tigers batsmen had answers to a good Mavecrics bowling performance led by Keyur & Mohit Keshwani and could only manage 93 runs, thus falling short by 39 runs.