Arya Prastika & Rojher Maxi Koda the stars in Garuda Gentlemen’s hard-fought win over Yadavas Chairos Tiger in the all-Indonesian Derby clash

In a fully Indonesian clash, the Indonesian National team (Garuda Gentlemen) took on the Indonesia B team (Yadavas Chairos Tigers). The young Hitsun, rattled the Garudas early on and a couple of needless run-outs compounded the troubles for the Garudas. Ramdoni & Arya Prastika fought back towards the end to take their team to a respectable 148 runs. In reply, Suda Arsa & Maxi Koda bowled brilliantly to snuff out any chances of a Tigers upset and despite some resistance by Andrew Sandi towards the end, the Garudas won comfortably in the end.