Abhay Bhalerao & Harry Siddhu ‘bond’ together to help Jaguar CC knock out Ceylon CC in a closely fought game

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Jaguar CC took Ceylon CC in a 35 overs game on Saturday and were off to a rollicking start through Abhay Bhalerao who blasted a 19 ball 45 runs including a 24 runs over off Mufasil. On his fall, Harry Siddhu initially & later, Jagdeep Singh kept the tempo going with some lusty hitting. Ceylon CC bowling, with the exception of Noushad & Dihan Silva, clearly had an off-day as they conceded 37 extras and allowed Jaguar CC to pile up 233 runs in 35 overs.

Jagdeep Singh, then got rid of the dangerous Dihan Silva, for a duck, but a sensible 70 runs partnership between Shuhab Hussain & Baba Sivasankaran put Ceylon back on track. A flurry of wickets followed and Jaguar CC were back on track, but Ceylon then fought back through another partnership, this time between Sabry & Justin Matthew and with 30 needed of last 5 overs, would have fancied their chances. Sabry was then run out & Jagdeep Singh accounted for Justin’s wicket causing another collapse and Ceylon fell short by 16 runs.